To bring the best facilities for IT enterprises, we provide much kind of services in which conference hall, meeting rooms, training rooms ... are equipped with full facilities of international standards to meet the needs of customers. We are committed to meet and support customers for major events. Every year in QTSC, there are many events related to the IT industry be organized here. In the past year, we are proud of an ideal place to organize events related to the IT industry, the long-term training programs and big events of enterprises who operating outside QTSC and inside. With professional and dynamic sales team, we can advise the customer to select appropriate event services to satisfy customer's needs. Currently, we have three types as belows for the customers to refer and choose the appropriate services to the scale of events and effective cost.

  • Flexible and attractive sale policy for each kind of office
  • Enjoy the highest tax incentives for IT industry
  • Member company uses service of conference room, meeting room with preferential price lower than company ouside the park
  • Using electricity inside the park with preferential price (lower than outside the park) due to the government ‘s support for electricity cost for QTSC.
  • Support to connect to IT community inside partk with more than 157 companies through event, convention, seminar, CEO club, HR club… organized by QTSC
  • Support to connect to government agencies (QTSC belongs  to government so we have strong relationship with government) to solve customer’s difficulties  
  • Support for connect to available human resources inside the park including 8 education centers with more than 10.000 students and other sources of recruitment.
  • Support for submitting customer ‘s information, news of recruitment, product introduction, …… to QTSC ‘s main website: qtsc.com.vn
Support for one – stop services
  • Support for getting business license
  • Support for stuffs relating to audit, account
  • Support for getting work permit, resident card
  • Support for tax code registration, seal
  • Support for getting vísa, driver license
  • Support for procedures relating to export – import for equipment, machine